Thursday, December 9, 2010

Been away much.

So much for procrastination... I have been away for sometime now. I moved back down to Miami, and life has been hectic. I'm currently finishing up some projects, but I have some things done that I will be posting over the next couple of days as well as some stuff in progress.

I recently submitted the previously posted Conversation With Kate comic to Bateau Press, but got a rejection.  They enjoyed the comic, but wasn't suited for their publication.  They did ask for longer works so, still a positive experience.

Also I did an illustration for Chris Wiewiora's story Crash-O-Rama which will be published online at the week of Dec. 20th. Here are the two sections plus the finished piece.

I did some tweaking on Photoshop with the final drawing as you can see.  I was originally going to do a watercolor piece, but decided that due to time constraints, color pencils would do the job just fine. I'm happy with the end result, and plan on doing the man on fire portion in watercolor separately as part of a series of motion studies.

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