Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Future ETC comics anthology.

My good friend Chris Wiewiora and I have been working diligently for sometime now compiling the material for an anthology of all the comics that were printed in our zine.  It's going to be a lot of my brother Carlos (www.chazfstan.wordpress.com) and I's work.

I've had a hard time looking back on some of my earlier comics.  I really wasn't very sure of myself and my work back then.  Thankfully I've managed to work through a lot of that and progressed, but its hard to stop myself from wanting to redo all those old comics.  Improvement is always important, but always moving forward.

I've also been working on doing a watercolor piece for the cover of the anthology.  This is a trial run of it.

I gave this piece to Chris as a graduation gift recently, but the cover will be a similar depiction of Sam and Ted.  This is loosely based on the first painting I did of them... actually the first painting I ever did.

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