Sunday, August 15, 2010

Yes, I am a film snob... I'm okay with that.

It disappoints me when people can't watch a movie because of some stupid reason or another. 

It's foreign and there are subtitles, "I shouldn't have to read when I watch a movie."  Shouldn't have to read or is that you can't?  You must not be able to because I watch foreign films all the time and haven't found the process of reading subtitles all that taxing.

Or better yet, there's the "I have to watch a movie in color, I can't stand black and white."  Well really it's more like shades of grey, and you could just pretend you're color blind for an hour and a half. 

And then there's the, "There was too much talking, not enough action."  Well, customarily in a film talking is one of those "devices" that helps to further the plot... Sometimes movies need talking because its easier than pantomime.  I mean Christ, we developed sound in movies for the talking.  I guess we could go back to the silent era if you'd really like, but I can already tell you won't dig it.

My favorite by far is "I don't like movies that you have to think about."  You know, I totally understand.  We wouldn't want your fragile little brain to pop a blood vessel trying to piece together a plot.  God forbid there be a deeper meaning that you would have to figure out all on your own.  I guess critical thinking skills are hard to come by.

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  1. I have shared this view for a long time. Luckily, "those" people get enough dreck made for them, while us snobs get to explore an entire world of film goodness.